Recent Articles

V.N. Verveyko, R.N. Belenkov, E.B. Postnikov. Direct and inverse problem of interrelation between the high pressure and the density: The case study of liquid bromobenzene’s acoustic sounding. Applied Acoustics. 2024. V. 223:110078.

B. Jasiok, A.A. Pribylov, E.B. Postnikov, P. Friant-Michel, C. Millot. Thermophysical properties of the SPC/E model of water between 250 and 400 K at pressures up to 1000 MPa. Fluid Phase Equilibria. 2024. V. 584:114118.

D.A. Safonov, I.L. Mallphanov, A.V. Sychev, E.B. Postnikov, A.I.  Lavrova. On phase correspondence between chemical oscillations in liquid Belousov-Zhabotinsky mixture filling catalyst-containing matrix and resulted gel’s chemomechanical oscillations. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2024. V. 402:124723.

M. Chorążewski, M. Wasiak, A.V. Sychev, V.I. Korotkovskii, E.B. Postnikov. The Curious Case of 1-Ethylpyridinium Triflate: Ionic Liquid Exhibiting the Mpemba Effect.  Journal of Solution Chemistry. 2024. V. 53. P. 80-90.

E.B. Postnikov, I.M. Sokolov. Subdiffusion in an array of solid obstacles. Journal of Physics A. 2024. V. 52:055002

S. Gordleeva, Y. Dembitskaya, V. Kazantsev, E.B. Postnikov. Estimation of cumulative amplitude distributions of miniature postsynaptic currents allows characterising their multimodality, quantal size and variability. Scientific Reports. 2023. V. 13: 15660.

E.B. Postnikov, M. Wasiak, M. Bartoszek, J. Polak, A. Zyubin, A.I. Lavrova, M. Chora̧żewski. Accessing Properties of Molecular Compounds Involved in Cellular Metabolic Processes with Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, Raman Spectroscopy, and Differential Scanning Calorimetry. Molecules. 2023. V. 28: 6417.

A.A. Pribylov, E.B. Postnikov. Comment on “Computation of Isobaric Thermal Expansivity from Liquid Density Measurements. Application to Toluene”. Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data. 2023. V. 68.  P. 1043-1046

A.S. Vanina, A.V. Sychev, A.I. Lavrova, P.V. Gavrilov, P.L. Andropova, E.V. Grekhnyova, T.N. Kudryavtseva, E.B. Postnikov. A hydrogel-based phantom of the brain tissue aimed at modelling complex metabolic transport processes. European Physical Journal Special Topics. 2023. V. 232. P. 475–483

O. Dogonasheva, E.B. Postnikov, A.I. Lavrova. Shaping spiking patterns through synaptic parameters as revealed by conventional and wavelet-based bifurcation analysis. European Physical Journal Special Topics. 2023. V. 232. P. 485–497