Laboratory of Molecular Acoustics

Head of the Laboratory:  Dr. Olga S. Ryshkova

Research Staff:

  • senior researcher Dr. Vyacheslav V. Melent’ev
  • junior researcher Alexander V. Sychev
  • engineer-researcher Dr. Marina V. Verveyko

Research Associates:


Main experimental objectives: study of organic liquids in a wide range of parameters including critical region by thermodynamics and ultrasonic methods.

Experimental equipment

Apparatus for ultrasound research:

  • The apparatus for measuring speed of sound in liquid and vapour phases along a saturation curve within the temperature interval from — 80 up to + 400 0С at the saturated vapour pressure.
  • The apparatus for speed of sound measurements in liquids in dependence on pressure up to 6000 atm at a fixed temperature up to 200 0C.

Apparatus for physicochemical study of substances:

  • The ultrasound-based apparatus for density measurements in dependence on a pressure
  • The apparatus for shear viscosity measurements in dependence on a temperature.
  •  The complex of apparatus for the isobaric heat capacity measurements.
  • The apparatus for measurements of critical parameters.
  • The apparatus for the dielectric constant measurements of pure organic liquids and their mixtures.