Selected Publications

Articles in journals (published in English):

  1. A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko, E.B. Postnikov, A.I. Lavrova. Model of glycolytic traveling waves control in 3D spatial reactor // IEEE Control Applications, (CCA) & Intelligent Control, (ISIC). 2009. P. 194–198
  2. E.B. Postnikov, A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko, A.I. Lavrova. Self-sustained biochemical oscillations and waves with a feedback determined only by boundary conditions // Phys. Rev. E. 2010. V. 81. 052901 [4 pages]
  3. E.B. Postnikov, D. V. Verveyko, A.Yu. Verisokin. Simple model for temperature control of glycolytic oscillations // Physical Review E. 2011. V. 83. 062901.
  4. A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko, E.B. Postnikov, A.I. Lavrova. Study of Phase Clusters in a Distributed Selkov System // Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. Supplement 2011. P. 1404–1412
  5. D.V. Verveyko, A.Yu. Verisokin. Application of He’s Method to the Modified Rayleigh Equation // Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems. Supplement 2011. P. 1423–1431
  6. A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko, E.B. Postnikov. Traveling glycolytic waves induced by a temperature gradient and determination of diffusivities for dense media // Phys. Rev. E. 2012. V. 86. 012901 [4 pages]
  7. A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko. Non-Turing Mechanism of Self-Sustained Structures Formation // International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos. 2013. V. 23, No. 2. 1350037 [10 pages]
  8. D. V. Verveyko, A. Yu. Verisokin. Computational analysis of glycolytic reaction in open spatial reactor // Applied Mathematical Modelling. – 2014. – V. 38 (19–20). – P. 4796–4803

Articles and Extended Abstracts in Proceedings of conferences (published in English):

  1. D.V. Verveyko, A.Yu. Verisokin, E.B. Postnikov. Stochastic simulation of single-particle diffusion in ultrathin layered liquid film // Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium RA’11. – Riga–Yurmala, Latvia, 16–20.05.2011. – P. 173–176
  2. A.Yu. Verisokin, D.V. Verveyko, D.E. Postnov. Computational model of cerebral blood flow redistribution during cortical spreading depression // Proc. Of SPIE. – 2016. – Vol. 9917. – 99171Z-1 [10 pages]